Cortical Foundation LP Collection
There are about 4000 albums in this inventory, we will add new boxes as they are cataloged
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	      artist        -        album        -       label     and     number

	Box 17     08-13-12	
	Leonard Cohen     I'm Your Man     Columbia  FC 44191	
	Leonard Cohen     Recent Songs     Columbia  JC 36264
	Leonard Cohen     Songs Of Leonard Cohen     Columbia  CS 9533
	Leonard Cohen     Songs Of Love And Hate     Columbia  C30103
	Anthony Braxton     Duets 1976     Arista  AL 4101
	Anthony Braxton     B-X0 NO-47A     Fuel 2000  302 061 212-2
	Red Crayola     Soldier-Talk     Radar  RAD 18
	Charles Ives / Alan Mandel     The Complete Works For Piano     Desto Dst 6458-6461
	Fripp & Eno     No Pussyfooting     Polydor  2343 095
	Chile Lindo y otros exitos de "los huasos quincheros"     OEA 022
	London Pavilion vol.1     ACME 7
	Shock Headed Peters / Life Extinguisher / 3BC
	Shock Headed Peters     Not born beautiful     FIN I
	The Undetrneath     Lunatic dawn of the dismantler     ACME 9
	A Certain Ratio – Brazilia  - FBN 32
	Return of the Duritti Column
	Durrutti Column     LC     FACT 44
	Soledad Bravo     cantares de venezuela     OEA 010
	Nostalgia y Fantasia     Canciones de camara de america latina     OEA 001
	Traditional songs of the caribbean (by singers of the national dance theatre company of jamaica)     OAS 005
	Los Mensajeros del Paraguay     OEA 006
	Ano Internacional del Nino/Orquesta juvenil de washington, D.C.     OEA 007
	Phil Ochs     ALl the news that's fit to sing     CGLP 4427
	Kehr & Rilling (directors)     Monteverdi (le combat de tancrede et clorinde magnificat)     VOX 35102
	La guitarra clasica en america latina     OEA 012
	VIvencias     Tangos de Argentina/Atilio Stampone y su Orquesta     OAS 037
	Homenaje a Rodolfo Halffter     Segunda sonata para piano, op.20 etc.     OEA 018
	Homenaje a Alberto Williams     Lia Cimaglia Espinosa, piano     OEA 014
	Jose Fernandez Bardesio (uruguayan guitarist)     OAS 029
	Jose Luis Rodriguez/Guitarra Flamenca     Andalusi     OAS 035
	Orquesta Nacional de Espana (Antoni Ros-Marba, Joaquin Turina etc.)     OEA 008
	Homage to the Argentine composer CARLOS GUSTAVINO     OAS 033
	theodorakis     Ta Lyrica     GAL 501
	Martin Denny     Spanish village     Liberty LRP 3409
	Martin Denny     A taste of honey     LRP 3237
	Henry Mancini and his orchestra     LST 7121
	Les Baxter     Quiet Village     ST 8-1846
	Arthur Lyman     Pearly Shells     GNP 606
	Ron Goodwin and his orchestra     Music for an arabian Night     T 10251
	Cuarteto Zupay     Argentina     OEA 019
	Sun Ra vs. Dan and Dale Vol 1     Jazz Garage     MC78002
	Karl Bohm     Tristan Und Islode     Deutsch  2713001  5xLP box
	Parsifal     Musique Originale du Film de H.J.Syberberg     Erato  750105  LPx5 box    
	Modern Jazz Quartet     Third Stream Music     Atlantic  SD 1345
	Leonard Cohen     Songs Of Love And Hate     CBS  S 69004
	Leonard Cohen     Various Positions     CBS  26222
	Leonard Cohen     Songs From A Room     Columbia  CS 9767
	To Nije Sala What Makes Donna Twirl? - A Biter Kermit Heaven/Self Titled     Psycho Acoustic Sounds  PA 002
	Mad About the Boy     Camp RU-1
	Philip Glass     Music Changing Parts      Chatham 1001/2 2xLP   1 LP MISSING
	Specials - Ghost Town     :Chrysalis  CDS-2525
	Leonard Cohen - Death Of A Ladies' Man     Warner Bros  BS 3125
	End of Box 17

	Box 18     08-13-12
	Beatles - Ed Sulliven Show  Feb 1964
	John Lennon - Listen To This Picture Record    Not on label
	Party Boys  - No Aggro     Independent Project  IP 014
	Leonard Bernstein / New York Philharmonic     Columbia  MS 7176
	Walker Brothers - Portrait     Philips  BL.7732
	Diana Ross - Lady Sings The Blues     Motown  M 758-D  2xLP
	A Flock Of Seagulls - Modern Love Is Automatic / Telecommunication     Jive  VK 22001 Mini-Album
	Dead Or Alive - What I Want     Epic  12EXP-04202
	Missing Persons     Capitol  DLP-15001  Mini-Album
	Elvis Costello     Saturated     Excitable  4518-1
	Air Canada Steal Orch     Sea Sun & Steat     Island Press  W0007
	David Bedford / Gyorgy Ligeti     Two Poems / Lux Aeterna     Deutsch  137004
	Pere Ubu - New Picnic Time     Chrysalis  CHR 1248  plain white jacket
	Pere Ubu - Song Of The Bailing Man     Rough Trade   Rough US21
	Soft Verdict - At Home / Not At Home     Les Disques Du Crépuscule  TWI 047
	Fourwaycross     Nate Starkman & Son  WE BUY 8
	Fourwaycross - Fill The Sky     Motiv Communications  motiv prod 2
	Fourwaycross - Home     Motiv Communications  motiv prod 3
	Stockhausen - Singcircle, Gregory Rose - Stimmung     Hyperion  A66115
	Stockhausen - Momente     Wergo  WER 60024
	Stockhausen - Dirigiert Mozart + Haydn     Acanta 40.23 543
	Temptation / New Order     FAC63
	Urang Otan     ZOAR 06
	Pink Floyd - Relics     Starline, EMI   SRS 5071, IE 048 o 04775
	Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film "More"     EMI Columbia  SCX 6346
	Pink Floyd  - A Saucerful Of Secrets     EMI Columbia   SCX 6258  
	Savage Republic - Jamahiriya Democratique Et Populaire De Sauvage     Fundamental  SAVE 61
	Bertolt Brecht / Hanns Eisler = Change the World, It Needs It     Labor  LAB 14
	New Wave     Vertigo  6300 904
	Maarten Altena Octet     TEL     Claxon  83.12
	Skeleton Crew  - Learn To Talk     Rift, RecRec RIFT 8, RecRec 05
	Nina Hagen Band     Columbia  3C 36817
	Dead Can Dance     4AD  :CAD 404
	Kraftwerk - Computer World     Warner Bros  HS 3549  white label. maybe test pressing
	Controlled Bleeding / Maybe Mental - Halved   Placebo  PLA 020
	John Wiggins - All The Truth At Once     RRR 009
	Dr. John, The Night Tripper - Gris-Gris     ATCO  SD 33-234
	Microstoria - Model 3, Step 2     Sonig  15LP
	Incredible String Band, The - The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion     Elektra  EKS-74010
	Joao Lourenco Rebelo     Portuguese Polyphony  1610-1616     TWI 330
	Harrison Birtwhistle     Punch & Judy    Headline Decca  Head 24/25  2 lp
	Doc Wör Mirran - Slow     Ache  AAP 08-LP 
	Due Process - RRRadio 31-40     RRR-CD-01
	Danielle Dax - Jesus Egg That Wept     Awesome  AOR 1
	Peter Frohmader - Wintermusic / Bass Symphony No. 3     Multimood  MRC 006
	Perspectives And Distortion      Cherry Red   BRED 15 LP
	John Wiggins - Anagenic & pARTicle mUSic   RRR 015 LP+
	End of Box 18

	Box 19     08-05-12
	Winston Tong     theoretical china     12twi310  2 copies and a 7"
	Winston tong     theoretically chinese     twi 549
	Feast the creatures     shelp 1
	Jasmine minks   all good preachers go to heaven     cre lp3
	Parallel lines   blondie     1-050
	Benjamin lew / steven brown     omg301   2 copies
	The house of love   beatles and the stones     hol 422
	The house of love   beatles and the stones     hol 432
	The house of love   beatles and the stones     hol 412
	The house of love   beatles and the stones     hol 512
	Mouth f   the night     topy 010
	Village fire   five offerings from james     fact 138
	New Order Ceremony   in a loney place     fac 33
	SXXV    fact 66
	Echo and the Bunnymen - Prcupine   
	psychic tv   kondole dead cat     topy 046
	promised you a miracle   simple mind     vs488-12
	dianna ross and the supremes   reflections    ms665
	and also the trees   the house of the heart     cre 14
	icehouse   great southern island  Chrysalis  21680
	heaven up there   echo and the bunnymen     srk3569
	Johnny cash's greatest hits   vol. 1     pc 9478
	nick cave   from her to eternity     stumm17
	primitive painters     12cherry89
	jean francaix   blaser-divertimenti     wergo     sm1017
	mercure faith     lc 6444
	party boys   no aggro     independant project     fourteen
	dianna ross and the supremes     mnine79483
	multi axis   rrr non   heathen   muzak     rrr records
	paul lemos     dlp 7552
	messages from the status quad   lps315
	the fibonassis    tumor   slow beautiful sex     enigma 5
	Murray Roman     A Blind Man's  Movie     Tetragrammaton  T120
	fibonassis   civilization and it's discolhegues      blue yander 9912
	Church     The Blurred Crusade     Parlophone  PCSO7585 
	U2     Mysterious Ways     Island (US)  422-866 189-1  
	House of Love     Creation  CRELP 034
	Fibonaccis     Fi-Bo-Na-Chez     Index  EP 02  
	Jack Bruce     Harmony Row     Polydor  2310 107  
	Tim Hodgkinson     Splutter     WOOF 010  
	Grace Jones     Warm Leatherette     Island  ILPS 9592  
	Grace Jones     Walking In The Rain     Island  12WIP 6739  
	End of Box 19

	Box 20     08-05-12
	Ames Brothers     Destination Moon     RCA Vistor     LPM-1680
	Les Baxter     Jewels of the Sea     Capitol     ST1537
	Arthur Lyman     At The Port of Los Angeles     HiFi Records     SL1036
	Henry Mancini     Arabesque     RCA Victor     LPM-3623
	Martin Denny     Sayonara     Liberty/Sunset     SUM-1169
	Martin Denny     Quite Village     Liberty Records     LST 7122
	Martin Denny     Sounds From the Silver Screen     Liberty     LST 7158
	English as a Second Language     Freeway/Enigma     E1031
	Alex Gibson     Passionnel     Faulty Products     FEP 1200
	Eric Weissberg / Steve Mandell     Duling Banjos     Warner Bros Elektra     BS 2683
	Voices of the Angles     Freeway Records
	The Mothers of Invention     This is What We Sound Like    Bizarre     DMO-30284
	Prez Prado     Mambo Mania     RCA Victor     LPM-1075
	Prez Prado     Voodoo Suite     RCA Victor     LMP-1101
	Prez Prado     Havana, 3 a.m.     RCA Victor     LPM-1257
	Prez Prado     Latin Satin     RCA Victor     LPM-1459
	Prez Prado     Dilo     RCA Victor     LPM-1883     2 copies
	Prez Prado     Rock-ambo     RCA Victor     LPM-2308
	Prez Prado     Now. Twist Goes Latin     RCA Victor     LPM-2524
	Prez Prado     Exotic Suite     RCA Victor     LPS-2571
	Prez Prado     Our Man in Latin America     RCA Victor     LMP-2610
	Prez Prado     Concierto Para Bongo     United Artists     UAL 3489
	Prez Prado     El Unico     Dimsa     DML 1026
	Prez Prado     Mambo Jambo     Crown Records     CST 137
	Carl Orff     Die Bernauerin     WER 3003
	Core of Rock    MGM     MGS 2157    No cover
	Psyclones & Pacific 231     PSY 231     10"
	Lindsay Cooper     Music for Other Occasions     Sync Pulse Records     SP3
	Stephen Mallinder     Pow-Wow     Fetish     FM 2010
	L'ordre Chazili d'Egypte     Musique Soufi  Vol 5     Arion     ARN 33659
	Ram Narayan     Master of the Sarangi     Nonesuch     H-72062    
	The Residents     George & James     Ralph Records     RZ-8402
	The Residents     Nibbles     Ralph Records     RPH001	
	Robert Fripp     God Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners     Polydor  2311 005   
	Railway Children     Brighter     Factory  FAC 167  
	A Splash Of Colour     WEA  K 58415  
	Soft Machine     Six     Columbia KG32260
	Soft Machine     Third     Columbia  CG 30339
	Residents     The King & Eye      TORSO 33137 
	Einstürzende Neubauten     Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.      Some Bizzare  SBVART 2  
	Monochrome Set - Fin    Él,   ACME 3  Cherry Red 
	Mark Stewart And The Maffia     Learning To Cope With Cowardice     Plexus Holland  KMH 709222 
	John Cooper Clarke     Où Est La Maison De Fromage?     Rabid  NOZE 1  
	Arthur Lyman     Yellow Bird     HiFi  L-1004 
	Lindsay Cooper     Rags     Arc 1 LP
	Anthony Braxton      3 Compositions New Jazz     Delmark  DS-415 
	Jah Wobble With Animal     A Long, Long Way      Not On Label  JAH 2  
	Jah Wobble's Bedroom Album     Lago (UK)   LAGO 3  
	Jah Wobble     Fading / Nocturnal     Not On Label  JAH 1  
	Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart     Lago (UK)  LAGO 4  
	Bretagne     D'hier et d;aujourd'hui     Valmy  791
	Associates     Sulk      Beggars Banquet  ASCL 1, 
	Associates     Fourth Drawer Down     WEA Musik GmbH, Situation Two  BEG K 58 373, SITU 2  
	Psychic TV     Godstar     Temple  TOPIC 009  12", Picture Disc 
	Joy Division     Still    FACT 40   many releases of this, dont know which this one is. Has been played alot 
	End of Box 20

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